Welcome to my psychotherapy practice for adults, offering therapy for individuals and couples. People turn to therapy for a variety of reasons, at times to deal with long-standing difficulties, and at other times in response to unexpected changes in their lives. Working with a therapist can help you by providing support, lead to a better understanding of your life, and assist you in developing new ways of coping. Turning to therapy is not an easy step: opening up to a stranger can understandably be difficult.

I’ve created this website in hope that the information would help you to decide whether my therapeutic approach is right for you. I am passionate about helping others and do so in a sensitive and caring manner. I also truly believe in people's ability to cope, learn, grow and thrive. Whatever your challenge or concern may be, I invite you to explore my website, and give me a call or send me a message to set up a consultation and ask questions. I look forward to speaking with you.